A “Fast” Diet

Every year around this time I usually try to slim down a little. I try not to let myself get too out of shape, but winter inevitably brings some extra pounds. I’m always covered up and just don’t have the motivation to stay lean like I do during the summer months.

This year I’m going to use a little different strategy. I ran across  this review (http://musclereview.net/2-week-diet-review-brian-flatt/)  and this idea of dropping weight really fast intrigues me. I know of other guys and girls in the fitness world who have used strategies like this for competition and photo shoots.

Here’s the idea behind it: when you lower your carbohydrates you force your body to start using ketones (metabolized fat) for fuel. It’s a state called ketosis, and it’s great for losing weight. Being in this state helps you to control hunger and even helps preserve muscle mass (keeping the lean mass is very important in the long run).

If you go into ketosis then super-charge your weight loss by going low-calorie you can see some remarkable results really quickly. Granted, some of the weight you lose will come from glycogen–glucose in the muscles and liver. When you “burn up” your glycogen that will in and of itself cause some temporary weight loss. But you also keep in mind that it is setting you up for “actual” weight loss (fat loss).

I know of guys that have done these “fat fasts” for a few weeks and they get lean really quickly.

One thing I like about Flatt’s program is that it is broken down into three phases. Each phase sets up for better results in the next. He also has some really good advice on exercise and supplements. One thing I learned, for example, is that nicotine can be safely used as an appetite suppressant and fat metabolizer. I also learned that caffeine (my favorite drug) can be combined with specific supplements to target “stubborn” fat.

Overall I’m really impressed with the 2 week diet and I think it will be worth the effort I’m putting into it. My goal is to lose at least 5-8 pounds in just two weeks and go from there. After that I think I will just try to stay at a maintenance level weight and increase my time in the gym.

One other thing to keep in mind here is that I’m healthy. I don’t think it would be a good idea to try this if you had serious health issues of some kind, but I’m not a doctor.